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Security Products

IDLink Systems Pte Ltd has built a solid foundation over the last 10 years as the trusted partner and solutions provider in home and business security. We pride ourselves as one of the fastest growing manufacturer and distributor of security products from the world’s leading manufacturers in our core business areas.

IDLink Security Products including Biometric door access, Biometric locker access, Biometric rack access, RF door access, Audio video intercom, Keypress management, Perimeter fencing, 3D command centre, CCTV Surveillance and Turnstile and Barrier access to deliver a One-Stop solutions provider for all your security requirements and needs.

Today we are a one-stop solutions provider for all your Home and Business security needs. This is possible because we have complete range of security products to suit any situation, every home and any industry.

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IT Products

TimeSphere is a fully web-based time and attendance system to complement our full range of IDLink biometric time clock devices.

IDLink Universal Network Accelerator improves the availability, performance and productivity of enterprise applications and web sites over wide area networks (WAN), which reduce constraints on bandwidth and latency for geographical located offices.

All of our IT security solutions are designed to help increase your business agility. So you can improve security information management, minimize risk, improve regulatory compliance, and ultimately out-innovate the competition.

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Turnkey Solutions

We provide the most comprehensive turnkey solutions including project management, installation and maintenance services. This provides a one-stop shop so that our customers do not need to liaise with many vendors for their requirements.

IDLink Systems is far more than a security company. We can create, train, and equip a wide range of capability based solutions for many diverse problems, regardless of the challenge or the environment. Our Turnkey Solutions also include voice recognition, IVR solutions.

As your regional service provider we provide the one on one attention that we feel our customers deserve. We are also able to take your entire project and provide you with a complete final product. This lets you focus on your next project, and allows us do what we do best!

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