3D Command Centre Security Idlinksystems

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This 3 Dimensional command centre view is the nucleus of all security information, incidents and activities surrounding an important building or event. Information is real-time for on time and immediate decision making. Where extraordinary events occur, the IDL 3D Command View will direct the view to the incident location and displays all nearby sensory information for incident response.



  • Presents building interior layout intuitively. Enables non-technical users to interpret spaces and structures effectively
  • Consolidates security information and building layout in a single view. Allows for concurrent awareness of building layout to conduct effect response in case of events and incidents
  • Guides operator to the incident location and displays relevant sensory information
  • Supports integration with IP CCTV feeds, video content analysis systems, people counting systems, indoor tracking systems, access control systems
  • Extremely scalable without significant cost increase in console hardware and infrastructure
  • Web and browser based service

Live Video Feed of any CCTV camera footage integrated by a simple point and click

Live Real Time tracking of officers or workers on building location

Integration with CCTV and NVR Subsystem

Integration with Perimeter Fencing Sensors